Presentation Materials

Speaker presentations from the PMI SAC Professional Development Conference may be downloaded by clicking on the presentation titles below. Presentation material is only available with speaker authorization.

Data Analysis for Project Managers- (Brian van der Voort)

AgiFall-Adopting Agility From Agile- (Allen Miko, Sean Templeton)

Cracking the Code on Your Communication by Mastering Your Psychology- (Faith Wood)

Managing Your ERP System Integrator- (Greg Synick)

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money: Communicating Effectively on a Project Team- (Ken Hanley)

The Coach Approach to Leading Teams- (Lisa Rapley)

Scaling Agile @ FCC- (Marcia Hungle, Mark Rajpal)

Modern Digital Project Management- (Mark Fromson)

Agile Product Rescue- (Mark Rajpal)

Dealing with People Issues- Situational Leadership- (Merrian & Steven Lemmex)

Forecasting Techniques and IT Project Initiation At Mount Royal University- (Michael Barr)

Providing Online and Real Time Project Reporting with Power BI- (Paulo Camargo)

Smarter, Faster, Better Agile- (Peter McCurdy)

Don’t Adopt the Monkey: Building Leadership for Yourself, Your Team, and Your Projects- (Saby Waraich)

Alberta Vs. The World: Containing our Project Costs to Compete Globally- (Scott Diehl, Greg Sillak)

Billion Agile: Applying Scrum Values and Principles to Large Construction Projects- (Simon Orrell)

Leadership Dilemma for Successful Projects of the Future- (Sujeewa Wimalasena, Scott MacPherson)

The Agenda: Your Business Superpower- (Tammy Sherger)

How Networking Helps You, the Project Manager, Get the Next Amazing Project and Set it up for Success- (Tanya Stevenson, Myke Macapinlac)

How To Survive Cloud Implementations and Be Successful- (Tim Reimer)

Leadership Styles of Project and Construction Managers in the Canadian Oilsands- (Todd Hisey)

The Key Attributes of Effective Leaders Project Delivery Through Influence not Authority- (Wayne Rambow)

Is Shadow-Boxing with Shadow IT Undermining Your Peak Performance?- (Yogi Schulz)

Higher Ed PMO: Value Delivery in a Revenue-Free Environment- (Colin Moreland)

Inside the Business of Projects- (Robin Hornby)

How to Run High Quality Project- (Robin Hornby)

Can’t Be in Two Places at Once? Let us Show You How!- (Bently Rolf, Stuart Lomas)

Design Thinking: Shaping the Future with People in Mind-(Lyall Samaroden, Susana Slavnik)

Get Your Message Into the Mind – (Roger Grant)

Find Your Voice- (Jonathan Love)